The Apartment Hunt

In my dreams, I scroll through page after page of online ads for apartment rentals. I talk to brokers, I walk through Google street view, I check the MTA’s transit planner to gauge time and distance from subway stops to my new bread and butter location. I am moving to New York and I’m already exhausted.

Somehow, I thought it would be easy to find a place online, do the paperwork from a distance and then move cross-country with my down-sized life. After all, I had come to the United States from another country when I was much younger and clueless and I found my feet without too much trouble.

People who know better have shaken their heads wisely at my naivete. Prospective colleagues and current residents of the Apple as well as former New Yorkers—yes, there is such a beast—suggest I make a trip in person so I can sort out the fake ads and the cockroach habitats from the genuine deal. Struggling to adjust to the idea that my rent will be more than twice my current expenses, I have been cringing away from the prospect of spending more money on airline fares and cheeky hotels.

I even asked NYC-based acquaintances to check out apartments in my stead and many kind souls obliged. But now that a furnished apartment prospect has fallen through because they passed on my offer of doing the board interview—yeah, an interview to rent an apartment—via Skype, I’m resigned to biting the bullet and flying out one last time before the final move.

Stay tuned. For there may be dragons in my adventures toward the mysterious East (Coast).

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