The Plot Thickens

So.  The kind agent with whom I had left my application on Friday called back at 4 this afternoon to say that the Sunnyside apartment had already been rented to someone else. Did I want to have her submit my application to the back-up Jackson Heights one instead?

I am disheartened and more than a little annoyed. How can an apartment that she showed me on Friday evening around the close of business have been rented out to someone else despite us putting in an application over the weekend?

I tell her I’ll think about our back-up option in Jackson Heights. It’s just as far from work as the one I had seen with the guy from the Greek name agency, but with a smaller kitchen and higher rent. After some thought, I call him and leave him a message telling him I’m interested in his apartment despite the board approval process; if it’s still open, I’d like to apply. I had loved it, it has laundry in the building, and I like the neighborhood.

I then notice that the kind agent has called and left me a voicemail. In it, she says that the apartment I first liked in Sunnyside (with the linoleum floors) is back on the market–she just noticed it in the listings at 6:30. At this point, I’m not sure what to believe. On Friday afternoon, I did hear her call the property management company from her car and they said that the apartment was gone. So I don’t think she made that up, but still…

I call her back and she asks me about the Jackson Heights one first. I remind her that she just called me to say that the one in Sunnyside has become available again. She says yes, but she is unsure why that would be the case. I ask if she can apply for it using the same application form I left with her and the same application fee. No, it’s a different form, one she already gave me. Do I still have it? Yes, pack rat that I am, I did bring it back. What about the fee? Well, it costs $50 more but she says I can send her a money order or pay her later. I tell her I’ll sleep on it and send her the application tomorrow if I decide. She says she will make sure to check if that apartment is available on Tuesday morning. She wants to know what I’ll do if it turns out that it is in fact not available after all. I can feel her willing me to okay the Jackson Heights hobbit-kitchen apartment. Since I am not wearing The Ring, I resist and say that I’ll decide later.

In the meanwhile, the Greek agency guy has texted me and asked for my email/fax so he can send me the application. Perhaps granite kitchen counters and carpeted rooms are the way to go, despite the anxiety of board approval…

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1 Response to The Plot Thickens

  1. Eloisa James says:

    It sounds awful, Jayashree! I hope one of those apartments opens up soon. I have to say as a fairly new transplant, don't underestimate the ugliness of the morning commute. The closer you can get to work, the better…cheers, Mary

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