The Greek myth guy sent me an application for the Jackson Heights apartment by FedEx. Along with it, he sent the lease, which included a list of rules for the condo building (such as a warning against hanging clothes or signs from my windows), a disclosure about lead in buildings from a certain era, a form in which I specify if I want metal guards on my windows, and a list of the documents I must submit (pay statement, bank statement, copy of driver’s license, etc). With these, he asked that I send the first month’s rent (certified check, made out to the owner), and a personal check (for evaluating my credit history).In the meanwhile, a comment on the blog has revived my worries about living further than walking distance from school so I look at the Greek myth agency’s web site for any new listings in Sunnyside. There are three! I email the guy and ask why I can’t apply for any of them. He writes back apologizing for his outdated web site, says those places were rented out two months ago and he doesn’t have anything in my price range in Sunnyside. Sad face.So I make all the copies and then walk over to my bank and get the certified check. The helpful young man at TCF jokes about whether that amount will cover two days rent in New York. Ha ha. He tells me that if the check is not used, I have to bring it back to have it cancelled or wait 90 days to put a stop on the payment. I hope I won’t have to do either.

I dither over sending the packet via U.S. mail overnight but USPS has given me a few gray hairs in the past so I take it to FedEx. It will be there on Monday. Then there will be a week of waiting before I hear if it was approved…

I’ve already looked at some moving companies, including pods/containers. The quotes they give are for an amount that’s probably twice what all my stuffpurchases from Ikea, Target, and Craigslist, curbside freebies, friends’ furnitureis worth. Plus, I’d have to figure out how to get them to deliver it to my doorstep despite the parking regulations, and then haul it to the elevator, without imposing further on my acquaintances in New York. The idea of moving with two suitcases appeals more and more…

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