When Very Little Happens

I track the FedEx package that has my application for the Jackson Heights apartment and some substantial checks. It was allegedly delivered on Monday. Now I wait to see if my background check satisfies all concerned parties.
In the meanwhile, the other broker whom I had paid an application fee while in New York sends it back by Western Union. They have charged her $5 so I’ll be getting my original amount minus those $5. Retrieval of the actual cash is new and exotic territory since I have never had anyone wire me money. The Western Union web site says I need a tracking number to collect the cash. I ask the broker and she texts it to me. I find there are multiple Western Union locations nearby so I go to one at a US bank and fill out a form. The staff person looks up the information and then gives me cash with a receipt. Voila.

I look to another moving company for a quote. Their representative calls to tell me that an accurate quote requires that I speak to the local office but they close around the time I get home in the evening. I don’t want to have this conversation at work so we compromise. They’ll send me an itemized email in which I check/add all the potential items to be moved. I complete this and email them back. Tomorrow, someone will review the cost of moving my worldly goods and email me a quote.

At home and work, I keep purging myself of a dozen years of ridiculous accumulation: papers from all the classes I took for fun, countless versions of my dissertation and CV, EOBs from health care providers, receipts from restaurants that closed years ago, itineraries and tickets from trips taken in the noughts, training manuals and outdated documents from work projects, unread copies of academic journals and Rolling Stone magazines, and carefully perused New Yorkers. I swim across seas of paper, stopping to catch my breath on islands of clothes…

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4 Responses to When Very Little Happens

  1. Madhavi says:

    The exhausting, often frustrating work of packing and moving makes for a gripping narrative, Jayashree, particularly, the way you tell it. Having moved cross country last year and then having to move to two separate locations this year, I share your pain! Did you check out Door-to-Door, by the way? They work like Pods but are much cheaper. We used their crate to move from Seattle to New Haven and because there were parking restrictions in New Haven (we lived downtown), they unloaded the stuff in our apartment on delivery. The price of unloading was included in the total charge.Good luck with everything Jayashree!Madhavi

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  3. Thanks, Madhavi! I gave Door to Door a call and they do seem to have the most competitive rate, even with the unloading charge. I might go that route if I do give up on the idea of taking no more than my books with me :-)Hope the blog is cathartic (rather than PTSD-inducing)in terms of processing your own moves in the last few years!

  4. Madhavi says:

    Oh yes, the blog is cathartic and fun Jayashree! Made me think about all the little things we do when we move which then we (or at least I) rapidly forget as the new home and space comes into being. I loved the soap opera genre for the apartment hunt; perfect! The Door-to-Door crate is small and we moved mostly our books, but did manage to squeeze in some bookshelves and tables – our best pieces of furniture at the time. It does require some space management skills!Madhavi

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