All I Do is Talk About It, Talk About It, Talk About It, Talk About It…

Sold on Craigslist: 1 Bed with mattress, 1 desk chair, 1 slipper chair, 1 dining table with leaf and 4 chairs, 1 plastic dresser, 1 filing cabinet, 1 kitchen storage unit, 1 futon with mattress.
Craigslist non-sale: Love seat rocker, Ikea night stand, Ikea entertainment center, book shelf, green desk/vanity, coffee table.
1 party attended, with much eating, drinking, and socializing with friends, old and new.
1 phone call made to Chase bank, which has ATMS and branches in Queens. Denied request to open an account with them online as I am not a U.S. citizen; must go there in person. Fact that I have a Chase credit card is apparently irrelevant.
1 visit paid to a national bank that has some branches here and in New York (though not in Queens). Renewal of dormant account so I can transfer funds to it temporarily.
1 visit paid to local bank to begin process of closing account and arranging transfer of funds.
1 composition textbook read and several essays selected for teaching writing.
1 office cubicle emptied of personal items (running shoes, jar of peanut butter, sweatshirt, jacket, books, tea pot, coffee mugs); 1 borrowed DVD returned to colleague; 2 tins of hot pepper tuna given to another colleague; 1 gnarly travel mug and 1 box of business cards tossed in trash; 1 last key handed in; 12 thank-you notes written and placed in mailboxes.
1 voicemail received from apartment broker: Background check on application is clear; must do in-person interview with co-op board for final approval. Broker says he can set it up for the day after I arrive in New York (the 28th). I agree but am uneasy about moving with no guarantee of a place, and no place to which to mail my belongings prior to departure. Call broker to check if the interview can be done next week; I’ll use my frequent flyer miles to fly up for a day if it would result in a decision and allay my anxieties.
1 blog entry almost concluded with “Oh, the humanity!” Then I happen to see another BBC report on carnage in Syria.  Timely—and awful—reminder that I don’t have real problems, just minor inconveniences.
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