Tips for visiting friends

La Guardia airport is about a 10 minute bus/cab ride from Jackson Heights, while JFK is a bit further away. A cab ride (with a tip) from JFK will be about $20-25 more than one from LGA. So unless your plane ticket to JFK is cheaper than that difference, and/or you don’t mind spending extra time in public transport, fly into LGA when you visit.

Bring comfortable walking shoes. I’m near many public transport hubs but this is a walking city. My first guest and I logged over 26,000 steps (roughly 11 miles) on one day.

Be prepared to spend time in the subway. It’s about a half hour to mid-town Manhattan, or up to an hour to get to the Cloisters in the north or hipster Brooklyn. There will be legions of crying children, buskers, PDA-ers, air drummers, and other manner of interesting fellow-travelers to keep you entertained.

Queens has some great neighborhoods and that seems to be true of the entire NYC metro area. Veer off the main drag and explore streets beyond the tourist paths. (But carry a smartphone if possible and be aware of your surroundings.)

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