Of Hurricanes and Halloween

As the city waits for Hurricane Sandy to do her thing (or not), I’m reminded of a night during my first week in the United States. I had the tv on and was baffled by the non-stop coverage of the crazy storm that was apparently right over our metro; I could see clear across the street through the rain so I couldn’t fathom the fuss.
Having grown up in the tropics and waded through knee high water every monsoon, I continue to be bemused by the weather forecasting culture in the United States but I am no longer as blasé about the whole business. Katrina, of course, was the game-changer.
But I still haven’t stocked up on pallets of bottled water. My emergency plan at the moment involves a pot of chili, fish curry, chickpea curry, laddoos and Cadbury’s chocolate. I did make another trip to the local pharmacy after realizing that I needed an AA battery for my flashlight. I also returned with some Coors Light—don’t judge me; the chili recipe asked for it (http://www.momswhothink.com/easy-recipes/best-chili-recipe.html).
Sandy is supposed to make landfall tomorrow night or on Monday and continue for a couple of days. That takes us right into Halloween,


when the curtain between the worlds is thinnest. Cue eerie music…
On the not-so-apocalyptic side, I’ve been enjoying watching New York gearing up for Halloween. I’ve seen more fascinating lawn/balcony/sidewalk/tree decorations in the last three weeks than I did in my previous twelve years in the United States. They range from cobwebs worthy of Spidey


 to skulls, skeletons and severed limbs,
 creatures crawling out of planters as alien scarecrows grin,
pumpkin headed devils,

and shadowy Jack-o-lanterns.

Maybe I should have gotten some more candy and settled in for Halloween Sandy.
See you on the other side…
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