Waiting for Sandy

It’s a few minutes to landfall for Sandy and the weather folks tell us we’re at a record low pressure of 940 millibars. The satellite image of Sandy looks like a massive smoky turntable that is being scratched.

A construction crane has ripped off a building and is dangling over 56th street in Manhattan, leading to several blocks being cordoned off.

Yet webcams show people still wandering around NYC boroughs, and there are gawkers in downtown New Jersey, which is where they expect the hurricane to hit hardest. There was also an idiot taking pictures of himself on a jet ski in the waters off Battery park city, a low-lying area that is supposed to be evacuated. He might be related to the surfer who had to be rescued yesterday. Does a drop in air pressure also mean a drop in IQ?

Work is cancelled since the MTA has suspended service and the mayor has announced school closings.

The winds are howling outside my apartment, which is not in an evacuation zone, but my chameleon brain is on alert. I’m sure I’ve heard winds like these before (35-40 mph or 60 kmph) but it’s never not discomfiting.

I have food, water, books, and for now, electricity. Fingers crossed that Sandy doesn’t wallop us as badly as she promised.

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