Having made it through the Frankenstorm, I thought I’d walk around my neighborhood and see how it fared as well.

There are a fair number of downed trees

 some that look a bit war-torn

some other casualties

like downed USPS boxes

 flattened median bushes

up-ended garden benches

and broken umbrellas (someone thought this would actually offer protection!)
But people are getting back in the saddle
stocking up on beer
and cleaning up as best as they can.

And despite the occasional squall that chased the sun away every few minutes

much abides

So it looks like things (in Queens at least) are getting back to normal

In gusts of wind, a faint wood hum.
Plucked leaves and broken petals dance.
The wind departs, the wood is dumb,
And floating yellows gather brown.
The Ballad of a River
Patrick Fernando

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