Pretty as a Picture

As I had promised myself, I went into Manhattan for more photos of Christmas windows. It was a blustery day, the city’s towering buildings creating wind tunnels that cut straight through clothing. But after a fortifying cabernet and some delicious cheese at Beecher’s Cellar with a friend, I braved the 34 F (0 C) temperatures and headed to some of the stores I missed on Xmas Eve.I skipped Macy’s in Herald Square but then got off the train too early at 40th. It was fortuitous because I ended up by the Christmas markets at Bryant Square and bought a couple of prints (Steinberg’s New Yorker cover and Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace at Night).

I resisted the temptation to get hot chocolate or a crêpe and pressed onwards, the prints and my earlier purchases at Beechers and Fishs Eddy flapping against my legs as the wind whistled down Fifth Avenue.

At Saks, the mannequins posed at cocktail parties and lounged casually in their holiday togs

The special Xmas windows were a marvel of image and perspective, with a little boy gazing out at you from his camera while a glittering chandelier and a glass/mirror sculpture refracted intricate patterns


Another little boy read amidst a library filled with snowflakes
A little girl drew in her notebook while patterns changed on the screens beside her,
Another cradled a snow globe as the shelves rotated the other globes
Two twirled a snowflake about a campfire/lamp that cast its reflection on the screen/sky
and a third readied to throw a snowball in the park with her dog.
As I walked up into the 50s I spied this giant dragon draped around the Bulgari store
and glittering people summoned the 1920s from various perspectives at Bergdorf and Goodman’s 2012 Follies
By this point, I couldn’t feel my fingers at all, so I nixed the plan to go to Barneys and Bloomingdales. Perhaps another time when the weather is kinder or my gloves more sturdy…
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