Not So New?

You know you’re acclimating to New York when…

You see the word “Houston” and read it as “How-ston”

You give a couple of bucks to the two guys who do a delightful version of Labamba on a swaying train.

You no longer expect everyone to smile at you.

You eat dim sum in Manhattan two weekends in a row.

You get annoyed that the people in front of you are soooo slow because of their stroller.

You are in another city, in the middle of a conference session, and when you get hungry, your first thought is “Can I get food delivered to me right where I’m sitting”?

You walk through Washington Square Park and you don’t take out your phone to record the jazz quartet, the Shakespeare in the Park troupe, or the guy playing a grand piano.

You take pictures of things like sarcastic graffiti

Photo: @NYU

You look at oncoming cars, not stop lights, when crossing the street.

You walk by a school at closing time and expect to pass someone selling churros.

You get to a subway station that’s not overflowing with people and you wonder if something’s wrong.

You think you passed Jake Gyllenhaal–you didn’t, BTW–on the street and you don’t faint from excitement.

You know you’re still getting used to this city when…

You go to the mom-and-pop green grocer for fruits and veggies and then grade papers at an espresso bar that calls out your prepared order over the PA system; the former makes you feel like a human being, the latter like an extra on a NYC sitcom.

You don’t know the subway platform layouts well enough to move to the train car that will let you out closest to the station exit at your destination.

You take pictures of things like water over the city’s many bridges

Queensborough bridge

subway train tracks mysteriously occupied by an open train filled with sandbags

Roosevelt Avenue Jackson Heights

futuristic farm dioramas

Global Kitchen Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History

and the Empire State Building.

And oh–you think Jake Gyllenhaal will be walking around by himself in midtown Manhattan.

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