Poetry in Motion

While there is a long tradition of waxing eloquent about long-distance train travel, the wind blows somewhat differently when it comes to local train service, especially the trains and subways of places like New York. Those stories range from tragedy to resignation to comic horror.

I love the New York train system. Despite the unexpected delays, the crowds, the sweat, the fights over spaghetti, the rats, and the near-constant closures for maintenance and repair, this is a behemoth that tries to keep a city of 10 million on the move. Coming from a similar city (except close to 18 million), I appreciate what a herculean task this can be.

And I love that instead of being isolated in a car or trying not get hit on my bike, New York trains allow me to glimpse humans and their baggage in relative ease.

There’s the folks who prize their tech


or are careless with it


the ones who bring along their canines

CAM01397       CAM01525

the ones who march to a different beat


or glide to it.


There are the lovely Poetry in Motion posters



and then, there are the dancers.

Whatever journey you may be taking today, may your (real or metaphorical) train arrive and reach on time and your fellow travelers be entertaining.


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