Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

My fall started with a Climate March in which thousands walked the city to call attention to the urgent need to deal with the reality of climate change. Friends and I donned bumblebee costumes, which we later recycled for the Halloween parade. The mysterious end of life seemed an apt theme for both occasions.


Unwilling to give up all hope of new life, however, I took to the water for a few hours in a tallship, one of whose sailors is a friend.

CAM01909Another excursion that continued the theme of renewal was to one of the oldest farms in the state, where a Meetup group gathered for a Halloween corn maze and pumpkin picking. We finished the maze in record time–though no one demonstrated any significant skill at solving the clues dotting the paths–without encountering any odd children.

CAM01949I spent many of the remaining fall weekends and even some weeknights attending lectures and marches for social justice.


Over and over again, I was awed by the grit and hopefulness people showed at these events, putting their bodies where their convictions are rather than liking a status on some social media site.

Some seasons are for stillness and others for momentum. It feels like the latter in New York right now.


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