An Armitage Afternoon

Among the many pleasures of living in New York is the possibility of seeing great theater at one of the excellent companies on and off (and off off) Broadway. What makes the experience even sweeter is getting to see an actor you’ve admired on other media, be it film or tv. While I’ve been lucky enough to catch plays with stalwarts like Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart in the past, I was thrilled this weekend to see a Roundabout Theater preview of “Love Love Love,” starring Richard Armitage (a.k.a Thornton/Thorin/Harry/Lucas North) and Amy Ryan (Holly from the Office and Oscar-nominated for Gone Baby Gone).

Staged at the intimate Pels theater on 46th street, the play by Mike Bartlett is steered by Michael Mayer over the course of about two hours. Fitting half a century of British (and late capitalist) social history into a couple’s interactions in three different homes, it takes us from the 60s to the present in no time.

While much of my starry-eyed watching had to do with Armitage, Amy Ryan gave a bravura performance throughout, and the script bounced and cut its way through snappy line of dialog. Like my fellow viewers, I found myself chuckling at the characters, though often in a sort of appalled fashion.

After the show, I was hoping for a chance to meet the actors, though security was unsure if they’d be signing autographs that afternoon. (They may not if there are two shows on one day.) As luck would have it, Armitage was out within minutes of the curtain, and quickly signed playbills and posters. I snapped a few pictures in profile


and was delighted with his consent for a quick selfie as well. Swoon.

The icing on the cake was an unexpectedly shy Amy Ryan exiting from the cast door and kindly signing autographs for everyone who rushed around the corner on noticing her.


She posed a striking contrast not just to the character she had played but also to my image of an Academy Award nominated actor.

I think I’ll be framing my Armitage and Ryan photos, along with the signed playbill and the ticket. *Whistles “New York, New York, What a Wonderful Town*

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21 Responses to An Armitage Afternoon

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  2. Servetus says:

    Sounds like a wonderful afternoon (appalling moments aside)! Thanks for writing about it.

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  4. gpg442014 says:

    wow what a lovely day hope you get to go back sometimes a second trip is just as enjoyable , thanks so much for sharing

  5. flyingburrow says:

    Thank you for your posting! I am planning to go to NY and see the LLL play. I live in Asia and this will be my first trip abroad. Coud you give me some tips? About where to stay and tour in NY? I will be so grateful!! 🙂

    • Have a good trip! Some friends of mine recently stayed at the Holiday Inn express near Herald Square and quite liked it. Airbnb in also worth exploring for better deals but can be a matter of finding a good fit. For tickets for the play, the tkts booths in Times Square usually offer discounted same day deals, or you can sign up for a tdf membership and hope that some tickets become available for a discount during the time you will be in New York. There are tons of tour companies in Manhattan; get some passes for a couple of days and if you have more time, then explore on your own. It’s easy to get around Manhattan by subway or bus.

    • Servetus says:

      Holiday Inn Express is a good, reliable tip (and includes breakfast).

      • flyingburrow says:

        Wow the charge around 200$ for a day. ㅠ.ㅠ

      • Servetus says:

        Yeah, NYC hotel prices are off the map. In that part of town $250 is a great room price. For hostels near the theater (relatively speaking) you could try Pod 33 or Pod 51 (separate room, shared bathroom situation). Or you can go further away (Chelsea; Financial district are good bets, and it’s safe at night). There’s always the YMCA. It depends a little bit on what you’re willing to put up with, I guess. I would be suspicious of a Manhattan hotel that was less than $200 just b/c I would worry if it were really clean.

      • flyingburrow says:

        Hostels, Chelsea area and YMCA. I got it. Your tips are so valuable to a total stranger like me. I need to reserch more about it. Thanks a million time 😀

      • Servetus says:

        You could also try Hell’s Kitchen if you’re willing to do a hostel. I’ve never stayed in a hostel in the US, only in London, so I also can’t say much about this.

      • flyingburrow says:

        It’s all new to me(even I thought that Hell’s kitchen was the name of a hostel). Overwheming but exciting! 😉

  6. Servetus says:

    What a lot of people will do is get a hotel room in northern NJ and take the bus or train in. This gives you a much better value for a better room — however, i can’t give you any advice on it (haven’t done it myself).

  7. Esther says:

    Sounds lovely! Thank you for blogging about it!

  8. Myra Momus says:

    Just saw LLL myself Thursday evening. We stayed at the DoubleTree Chelsea, a few doors down from that Holiday Inn Express on 29th, by Herald Square. It was $256 a night through Travelocity. The price is so high now mainly due to the season. This is the month when lots of new plays open, the St. Gennaro Festival is going on, and the temperatures are starting to drop. Unfortunately high season extends through December. I saw where our same hotel has been reduced to as low as $90 in February! Unfortunately the play ends before then.

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