Things to be thankful for in NYC this year:

The NYC metro: we whine about it, but it is a warhorse.

Subway ads: every physical and mental health issue, god, consumer good, politician, cultural trend, and fad filters through those cars. Free entertainment.

Food options: every cuisine in the world, a lot of it in the $2-10 range.

Online delivery: Even without Prime, items can arrive in under 48 hours. (There’s probably some horrific reason for that, but this is a thanksgiving list.)

Public libraries: I have access to two: NYPL and Queens. Libraries rule.

Clean water: running water that is potable and available 24/7 is a public works miracle that relatively few people in the world get to experience.

Sidewalks: if you can, they will let you walk. No car-only culture.

Museums and public art: I was at a stunning exhibit at the El Museo del Barrio by late Cuban printmaker Belkis Ayón and am looking forward to walking past and through the many Ai Wei Wei pieces all around the city. And there’s the Holiday train show at the Grand Central shuttle passage.

Meaningful work: employment at a college in a unionized public university founded on the principle of open access and educating New Yorkers from all over the world.

Friends and family who share the values of doing good, even if in tiny bits at a time.

Parents: gone, but ever-present guiding lights.


















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