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What Happened in May?

The month that is supposed to be merry proved to be a mixed bag, to say the least. Continue reading

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April Is for Assistance

As April crept forward, many joined together to help their neighborhoods stay fed and safe. This is an incomplete record of the ones that I encountered in my work as a volunteer and as a New Yorker: Continue reading

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A hundred years ago, there was another pandemic that unleashed havoc across the world. Millions were lost and maps, geographic and psychological, were redrawn. Facing a new pandemic in 2020, we try to make sense of our changed lives, our hollow ambitions, our former aspirations, and for too many people, our empty wallets and stomachs. Continue reading

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Socially Distanced

As spring peeked out, the city announced that it would be enforcing social distancing rules and handing out fines for groups that were still congregating after March 23. Non-essential businesses started to shut down and all non-essential employees were required … Continue reading

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Entering Pause

The week after my return, I ventured to a couple of neighboring stores for fruit and chapatis, and took short walks. Gyms and other large gathering spaces had been shut down fairly early, and since I’m a reluctant but devoted … Continue reading

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New York Pre-Pause

It feels strange to resume a blog about a city you can only see from your window, whether actual or virtual. As New York began reporting cases of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, I was preparing to fly back to … Continue reading

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Things to be thankful for in NYC this year: Continue reading

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