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A Wishful New York Day

If my father were alive and visiting New York, we would start a day with brunch at some little place in Jackson Heights that serves Udupi food. (When we were kids in Bombay, that’s what we did with him every … Continue reading

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Khar, my birthplace, is a small patch of land along the coast where the Indian sub-continent slides into the waters of the Arabian Sea. It was likely a sleepy backwater for centuries, slumbering away from the mainland while cradling rice … Continue reading

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Bombay Diaries: Two (Or, The Trials of an American Visa)

American work or student visas are a compound of two elements: (a) a document that your employer or school obtains by filing paperwork with U.S. immigration, which allows you to be in the country (b) a stamp on your passport … Continue reading

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