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Icarus, the Sequel: Baggage Interruptus

[Recap of Icarus: I try to fly across the Atlantic on Saturday night and fail.] Sunday 9:00 Check in for my re-booked flight, scheduled to depart at 5:00 p.m. Call the car service and book a car for 2:45, since … Continue reading

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One of the greatest triumphs and failures of modern civilization might be airline travel. As a comedian has argued, it is a miracle and we should stop whining if there are some kinks. But on the other hand, it can make you crazy because you’ve been led to believe it is possible and the refutation of that promise feels like utter betrayal. Continue reading

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10 Things I Hate About NYC

As I’ve done once before, it is time to add some vinegar to the sugary gushing that I usually do about life in NYC. Continue reading

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I made my first plane trip when I came to the United States for graduate school in my early twenties. That was over thirteen years ago. I’ve clocked a lot of miles for domestic and international trips since then. I … Continue reading

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In Praise of Trains again

One of the many pleasures of living in New York is the easy access one has to a massive commuter and trans-continental train network that radiates north, south, and westward into North America. Even before I moved to the city, … Continue reading

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